Life is all about change...

9 November
I wasn’t ready to leave...

This is all about me... I dislike when people say stuff like this

"I like to goto clubs with my friends, work out with my bros, skydive and just be fun"

Because saying that is'nt fun or unique at all, the truth is, nobody is always fun 24 hrs aday. People put it in here as if they are always fun and always in a great mood :)

I have my ups and downs like everyone else in the world, I enjoy being with people that I can call a true friend, and those people are hard to find so cherish them. I work at the local Best Buy Also goto school. To get away I love going to a punkrock/emo/screamo show/concert or to film skits. And Dancing is life... Most of all I love having a deep intelligent conversation with someone I can relate to.

"When you think about the future, think about the past, how can you hold on knowing this will never last"

"Those you stand for nothing will fall for anything"